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At Rosie's Childcare, we offer a wide range of age specific activites for the children to explore and we often structure our learning around topics, celebrations and key events (e.g. Halloween)


Child development and learning is measured through a series of observations, however as we know, children and babies develop at different speeds and stages, so we use our observations as a guide only to assess each child's progress and help identifiy areas to focus on.


EYFS Activities

For Babies


Babies start absorbing information from the moment they are born.  They require a lot of stimulation, interaction and care to develop well, especially in the early years.  



Motor Skills


Copying facial expressions


Building Bricks


Music/ Singing 


Story time



For Toddlers


We subtly incorporate the Early Years Foundation Stage into play and activities for the younger children.  
Example activities include:


Rice and Pasta play


Building Bricks


Story time


Water & sand




For Pre-School Children


We actively follow the Early Years Foundation Stage for children up until age 5 through a range of activities.
Examples activities include:


Arts & Crafts

Wet Play 



Story time


Role Play 


Dressing up

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