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 We are very proud to be able to share our recent Ofsted Report with you. Our team work so hard to provide all children at the setting with a calm, stimulating and caring environment. We feel we deserve our Overall Effectiveness grading of Good in all areas!

The inspection noted the strong progress that has been made since the last inspection. OFSTED said, 'The provider has worked hard to meet the actions set at the last inspection’. The inspector stated that 'emphasis has been placed on promoting and supporting staff's professional development to help improve practice and benefit the experiences of the children in the setting’.


We are particularly proud that they specifically recognised how, 'Staff help children settle and feel safe in their company. They are kind and attentive to their needs. They speak to children in a calm, soothing voice, always ensuring that that they maintain eye contact when speaking and use positive facial expressions. Children respond well to the staff. They smile at them and enjoy cuddles or activities, such as looking at books together.’


Staff work tirelessly every day to nurture these caring and supportive relationships and we are delighted that Ofsted inspectors were very complimentary about this aspect of our setting. 

 We thank you all again for your support on the day.


The full report is available by clicking on the link below

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Ofsted's role in regulating childcare: poster 

for parents

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