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During our recent inspection, OFSTED reported:

"Children have formed close relationships with staff. Babies seek staff out for reassurance. They enjoy close contact such as cuddles and back rubs at sleep times. Children enjoy sensory experiences such as the feeling of paint on their hands and crunching cereal with their feet. Children are physically active. They ride bicycles confidently and climb the steps of different-sized slides. They have space to run freely and play their imaginative games in the setting's large garden.

Children demonstrate their independence. Older children confidently manage their self-care needs. For example, they toilet themselves and wash their hands before eating. Children's behaviour is generally good. Staff remind them of the rules,
which helps them to share and take turns.


Parents are provided with information about their children's time at the setting through an online application. At collection time, staff provide parents with a general overview of their child's day. Parents are happy with the care their children receive and feel staff are kind and approachable.

Staff understand the importance of promoting children's communication and language skills. Reading stories and singing are part of the daily routine. Older children are confident to ask questions and express their wants and needs. They use good manners when asking for more food at snack time."


We have addressed the following actions from the report:

  1. Ofsted did not have my husbands DBS number, it was not carried over to our Nursery Registration last year from when I was a childminder.  We have been together and married for 31years. Ofsted now have this number.  He now has an EY2 suitability letter.

  2. We ensure staff to child ratios are deployed throughout our setting effectively to meet the children’s needs at all times.

  3. All staff understand the safeguarding policy and procedure, they understand the action to take if inappropriate behaviour is displayed by other staff members. Safeguarding training is complete.

  4. We understand the designated safeguarding lead practitioner is responsible for liaising with any local children services agencies if the need arises.

  5. Babies have a safe and suitable outdoor space that is fit for purpose and it meets their needs.

  6. We have developed a new curriculum called Interest Led Learning which follows the Development Matters. We identify what children need to learn and ensure children engage in planned and purposeful play that supports their individual needs and interests.

  7. We ensure fresh drinking water is accessible and available to children at all times.

  8. Current staff have received effective support, coaching and training to enable them to develop a clear understanding of their roles and to ensure that they offer quality learning and development experiences for children at all times.

The trainings include:

  • Level 2 and Level 3 Childcare

  • -Business and Governance - roles and responsibilities

  • -Talking tennis – speech and language development

  • -Understanding behaviour and interactions

  • -Designated person for child protection

  • -12 hour Paediatric First Aid


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