For most children the first few weeks are usually the most unsettling at Rosie's Childcare.  Babies, children and parents find the initial separation difficult and upsetting, however, we find that in the most cases children settle very quickly into life at Rosie's, usually within 4-6 weeks.  

Naturally, some children find it harder to adjust than others, but it is hard to predict which ones until you try. 



To help children settle more quickly, we recommend that parents talk to their children openly about Rosie's and let them know what will happen when you drop them off, and remind them that you will be collecting them later.





We find that a brief handover works best, so we ask parents to drop their children off at the side gate, allowing time to discuss any issues with the carer, a quick reassuring kiss goodbye and then leave.


If you are ever concerned about your child, you can call us at any time, likewise we will contact you if your child is distressed or unwell.


Comforters can help to make the settling in process easier for your child or baby, so a favourite teddy, blanket of toy is a good idea for the beginning, although we wouldn't recommend parents allowing their children to bring in toys from home on any other occasion in case they get lost or broken.


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