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Rosie has worked in the childcare industry for over 30 years in both the UK and Australia and has a Level 3 in preschool practice. Rosie started out as a childminder caring for children from the local and surrounding areas before expanding the childminders to a nursery in June 2022.

Rosie loves helping the children learn a range of new things especially those progressing off to the next stage of their education and onto school.

Rosies favourite activity to explore with the children is outdoor activities and playdough!
"Outdoor exploration is so calming and underrated. The children learn so much and I enjoy adding plaudough to the outdoor provision to enhance their imaginations



Chloe has worked in the childcare industry for 11 years. Starting out as an apprentice she has gained her Level 2 and 3 Children's and young people's workforce qualifications before completing her Level 3 management qualification. She is passionate about helping the children develop as well as developing her knowledge of childrens behaviour and understanding. Chloe is currently completing her Level 5 Early years lead practitioner qualification to help support and lead staff in their daily responsibilities.

One of Chloe's favourite activities to explore with the children is playdough! "It has so many different opportunities for the children to explore and discover. It is something that can be adapted and added to, to suit each and every child no matter their age or stage"


Qualified Early Years Practitioner and SENCo

Jaz has worked in the childcare industry for 9 years. She completed her Level 3 in childcare and education at college while volunteering at various PVI settings. Jaz became a SENCo 4 years ago and has since completed her county based training in both Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire.

Jaz is passionate about ensuring all children's needs are met and is always happy to give staff and parents advice on how to best support the children.

One of Jaz's favourite activities to explore with the children is cornflour gloop play!
" I love the awe and wonder on the children's faces while they explore the scientific element of how the cornflour changes and the possibilities to enhance play through adding simple materials and resources."



Early Years Practitioner

Rajee has worked in childcare for over 3 years and has previously worked as a teacher in India. She is passionate about developing her skills and completing training to support her work in early years.

Rajee loves expanding her knowledge and ideas to best support the younger age groups within the setting as well as helping shape the learning opportunities for the children in her care.

One of Rajee's favourite activities to do discover with the children is singing and rhymes. "I enjoy how calming and mesmerising the children find it as well as how they get involved with their own."

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